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The birth of my Passion

I used to be envious of people who had true passion for their work. Some people seem to be born with a passion for a certain cause, but I think for many, life chooses their passion for them. My passion was born in the delivery room.

I was 28 when I was expecting my first baby. I'll sum up my first pregnancy, birth and postpartum period with the following words: un-educated, naive, unwilling to accept help, traumatic birth experience, trouble bonding with my baby and postpartum depression.

Second time around, I did everything within my power to have a positive experience. I educated myself, asked for help, got midwifery care, hired a doula and childbirth educator and mentally I worked hard on preparing for birth. My birth was beautiful. I felt supported, safe and loved, and most importantly, I felt connected to my baby.

My passion was born with my second child. The women attending my birth changed everything I believed about childbirth. I realized it is not so much the events of your birth that plays a big role, it is the way you are feeling in the moment. My passion is to make that difference for labouring women, to make them feel safe, heard and empowered through this life changing event. You come out a whole lot stronger and more confident from a satisfying birth and every woman deserves a beautiful start to motherhood.


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